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Does your Brand have the potential to increase Conversion vs existing results?  >90% of Brands do not meet the minimum of Shopper Design criteria on their sites.  Without increasing investment in marketing, merchandising, or price, increasing E-Comm conversion can have the single biggest positive impact on your E-Comm P&L  


How It Works

Our 18pt E-Comm Conversion Assessment identifies an opportunity to increase conversion with Shoppers on your site. We present the Assessment, develop a new story board, and deliver new Shopper Design-based Packaging, Claims, Navigation and Sequencing recommendations have proven to Increase Conversion



Turnkey imagery, recommendations to connect new E-Comm experience to website and Brand content.  Metrics updated & reviewed annually.

Ready to start Your Journey?

Increasing E-Comm Conversion with Shopper Psychology principles

The following article outlines how an e-cornm brand applied Shopper Psychology principles to its site and increased sales by +147% while improving marketing spend efficiency by +183%.

There are two ways to rnaximize the number of individuals at the bottom of your e-comm funnel, where shoppers are converted to customers: 1) Widen the top of the funnel by engaging in sponsored ads and 2) Apply proven Shopper Psychology principles to maximize conversion of your site's traffic. Investing in sponsored ads is a very popular and well-known marketing strategy across various industries and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of advertising online. Understanding how to apply Shopper Psychology principles, on the other hand, is an untapped and largely unknown opportunity. In fact, understanding such principles is a major opportunity for most businesses selling on e-comm platforms such as Amazon.

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